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“Cutting” has been widely spreading its possibility by our unique design, in which we thoroughly pursue the most suitable cutting for continuously cutting.


A high Speed cutter of Takahashi Type prevents displacement of a material using our unique design, the displacement occurring when the material is not removed from the cutter.  We have obtained the perfect cutting suitable for the accurate, beautiful continuous cutting, by pursuing an ideal shape of a cutter.

Excellent operability in which efficiencies of the workability is emphasized supports totally from sanitation to safety.

 Confectioneries bean jam jelly, jelly, chocolate, etc.
 Fruits   pineapple, apple, peach, dried fruit, etc.
 Meat   frozen meat, fatty meat, etc
 Fish   frozen tuna, cuttlefish, etc
 Vegetables   pickled radish, uri (pepo), radish, cucumber, eggplant, cabbage, warabi, fuki, carrot, various kinds of vegetables, ginger, etc.
 Others   cheese, mushroom, kelp, wheat gluten bread, jelly fish, dried cod fish, dried cuttlefish, top shells, chikuwa (baked fish paste), kamaboko (boiled fish paste), konjaks, various kinds of smoked foods, etc.


We can design any cutters depending on individual specifications as required.
  Analysis of cutting, beauty, and operability in minute details  
  Unique design for preventing displacement of a material when a blade gets into a material.
A cutting width can be set for any thickness by a specific system in which a material can be
 sent out to the end part of a cutter.

A whole material can be beautifully cut out without producing wasted portions that are remaining portions.

A screw handle for adjusting a pressing spring is provided so that a cutter can deal with any kinds of foods
 having any kinds of characteristics.
A cutter can be simply operated, just by turning a screw with a scale to set a cutting width and placing a
  material on a board belt. (A touch panel is provided for a sanitary type II.)
  Pay attention to workability when cleaning as well as a material of a main body.  
  A motor and main operating parts are completely covered so that the machines can be cleaned in safe.
The major sections are made of stainless steel for protecting from water, salt and acid.
A machine entirely made of stainless steel to protect from stain, and a sanitary-type that is sanitary
  improved are also available.

  Various devices that are designed based on “safety” of users.  
●A cutter cover is provided with a safety cover so that other things do not reach a main operating part. 
 The structure creates safety.
●The stop system starts to automatically stop driving the machine, when the safety cover of the cutter 
 should be removed.
●A danger display seal is attached where cautions are needed.
●In order to prevent electricity leak, a starting switch of a water-proof type is adopted.


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